• 产品名称: CAP2 series of automatic transfer switch electrical appliances


CAP2 series automatic switchgear (hereinafter referred to as the device) for the PC-level three-stage automatic transfer switch appliances, mainly for AC 50Hz, rated voltage 400V and below, rated current up to 1600A two neutral ground power system Common power supply and standby power supply or power supply and power supply), due to an abnormal power supply and power switching between the power to ensure the reliability and security.
The device has three working positions: "common power", "off position" and "standby power". It has high breaking capacity, can meet the conversion with regular load, or can meet the high inductance or large motor Load conversion, due to the high short-time withstand current capability, no need for specific SCPD, does not affect the selectivity within the circuit, but also to meet the application in the large-capacity power side.
This device complies with the standard GB / T14048.11.

Regular Service Conditions

A) the upper limit does not exceed +40 ℃;
B) 24h average does not exceed +35 ℃;
C) the lower limit of not less than -5 ℃.
The installation site does not exceed 2000m above sea level.
The maximum humidity of +40 ℃ when the relative humidity of not more than 50%, at a lower temperature may have a higher relative humidity, such as 20 ℃ up to 90%, for the temperature changes in the occasional condensation should be taken special Measures.
Pollution level of 3.
Installation site without impact, vibration.
Generally should be installed vertically.
The main circuit of the installation category for the class Ⅳ, the rest of the auxiliary circuit, the control circuit installation category Ⅲ. Applicable to electromagnetic environment.