• 产品名称: CA1, CA1B series automatic transfer switch


CA1, CA1B series automatic switch for AC 50Hz, rated working voltage 400V, rated working current 6A to 800A two neutral ground power (common power and standby power or power supply and power supply), due to a power supply Abnormal switching between the power supply to ensure the reliability and security of its power supply. For power grid - power grid, power grid - generator and other power conversion between the different. Products conform to the standard GB / T14048.11 and IEC60947-6-1 low voltage switchgear and controlgear - Part 6-1: Multifunctional electrical switchgear. The use of CA1 devices is AC-33B; the use of CA1B devices is AC-33iB, AC-33B.
This product by the national compulsory product certification "CCC" logo.

Regular Service Conditions

The ambient air temperature is -5 ℃ ~ +40 ℃; and the average of 24h does not exceed +35 ℃;
Installation of the altitude of not more than 2000m;
The relative humidity of the air at the installation site is no more than 50% at a maximum temperature of + 40 ° C and a higher relative humidity at a lower temperature, for example 90% at 20 ° C. Special measures should be taken for occasional condensation due to temperature changes;
Pollution level 3;
The installation category is Class III;
Applicable to electromagnetic environment.