• 产品名称: CM3Z intelligent molded case circuit breaker, CM3ZL with residual current protection Molded Case circuit breaker


  Intelligent power distribution monitoring system: intelligent communication, power upload, remote monitoring needs
  · "Four remote" function, can communicate
  Monitor current and voltage
  Monitor power and power factors
  • Monitor power and frequency
  For unattended occasions
  Provide remote monitoring
  Can be voltage protection (low voltage, over voltage, phase protection), residual current protection
  Provide automatic reclosing function to ensure continuity of power supply
  Smart grid, for rural power grid transformation, the national network company regulatory requirements
  · Communication, with RS485 communication interface, compatible with a variety of communication protocols
  · LCD display
  Display, monitor, record load current, residual current
  Overvoltage, undervoltage protection
  · Zero, lack of protection
  · With leakage transient or abrupt identification technology
  · Automatic reclosing function