• 产品名称: CW3V Series Intelligent Vacuum Universal Circuit Breaker


CW3V vacuum circuit breaker has taken complete protection functions, many measurement parameters, abundant maintenance functions and other advantages of CW3 circuit breaker, but has longer electrical and mechanical life, more rated short circuit breaking times and stronger arc distinguishing capacity, can actually realize zero flashover in its true sense, and is particularly suitable for occasions with relative severe environment as well as AC690V and 1140V power supply TN, TT and IT systems. The circuit breaker can not only protect circuits but also can protect motors (the circuit breaker meets the requirements of GB 50055 on motor protection), generators (the circuit breaker meets the requirements of GB 755 on generator protection) and other kinds of equipment, thus providing users with safer, more reliable and more comprehensive low-voltage distribution protection schemes.


√Rated working voltage: AC50Hz/60Hz, 400V, 690V, 1,140V
√Rated current: 400A~3,200A
√Usage category: B
√The circuit breaker is divided into a drawer type and a fixed type.
√The circuit breaker can realize backward incoming connection.
√The circuit breaker has an isolating function, with the symbol “”.
√The circuit breaker accords with the following standards:
        IEC60947-1、GB 14048.1
        IEC60947-2、GB 14048.2
        EC60947-4-1、GB 14048.4
√The circuit breaker has obtained the “CCC” mark.

Regular Service Conditions

The ambient air temperature: -5℃~+40℃, and the average value in 24 hours is not more than +35℃;
The elevation of installation sites cannot be more than 2,000m;
The relative air humidity cannot be more than 50% at the highest temperature of +40℃; relatively high humidity such as 90% at 20℃ is available at relatively low temperature; please take special measures to remove condensation occasionally generated by temperature variation;
The pollution grade is III;
The installation category of the main circuit of the circuit breaker is IV, while the installation category of the other auxiliary circuits and control circuits is III;
The circuit breaker is suitable for electromagnetic environment A;
The vertical gradient of the circuit breaker during installation is not more than 5°;
The circuit breaker should be installed in places without explosion hazards, conducting dust, metal corrosion and insulation damages;
The circuit breaker should be installed in small cabinet chambers, and be equipped with door frames, with the protection level up to IP40.