• 产品名称: CW3R-1600 Enhanced Intelligent Universal Circuit Breaker


Unprecedented breakthrough and ultra-long service life have ensured more reliable life cycle, taking the transcendence and leading in the industry again. CW3R has ultra-long mechanical life (30,000 times without maintenance) and electrical life (15,000 times at 400V), and meets the operating requirements of GB14048.4 AC-3 classes.

With superior performance, CW3R enhanced universal circuit breaker brings more convenience to the applied selection of various electrical systems, which can meet the equipment application requirements of standard electrical distribution application occasions, electrical distributions requirements of novel distributive energy, fan grid-connected operation and inverter grid-connected operation, and can save your cost.

ER type enhanced intelligent controller is particularly launched to CW3R enhanced universal circuit breaker, to meet various special protection requirements of multi-source power networks, such as directionality protection, directionality and regioselectivity protection, automatic synchronous closing function, dual parameter setting, etc.