• 产品名称: CW3F-2500 Broadband Intelligent Universal Circuit Breaker


Perfect Protection
Provide reliable overload and short circuit protection within 10-200Hz. 

Strong Adaptability
Meet the operating requirements of wind driven generators; be capable of providing overload and short circuit protection even under the condition of overspeed operation of fans.

New Breakthrough of Technologies
Due to the adoption of broadband self-powered technology and dual-sliding window technology (patents) in over-current protection, the protection accuracy and reliability of wide frequency protection are ensured.

Wide Application
Due to the adoption of industrial-grade electronic components, special lubricating oils and mechanical parts, CW3F-2500 broadband universal circuit breaker can operate at the temperature of -40°C-70°C.

Standardized Design
Unified 2500 housing size, facilitating in normative design.
Direct exchange with CW3-2500 without the variation of installation dimensions.