• 产品名称: CW1 Series Intelligent Universal Circuit Breaker

Product Description

CW1 series intelligent universal circuit breaker is used for controlling and protecting low-voltage distribution networks. It is generally installed in low-voltage distribution cabinets to serve as a main switch for main protection effect. Circuit breakers with the rated current of 1,000A or below can also be used for protecting motors. The product can provide damp and tropical type (TH type), marine type and 1E circuit breakers, circuit breakers with low temperature of up to -40℃, as well as LCD and LED display circuit breakers.


√ Intelligence, zero flashover, isolating function;
√ Higher current breaking and short circuit withstand capacity;
√ Overload long-time delay, short-circuit short-time delay, short-circuit instant and ground fault functions (optional);
√ The drawer seat has three position indications, “Connect”, “Test” and “Separate”;
√ It can realize intelligent network monitoring, and can be applied to Modbus, Profibus, Devicenet, CAN and TCP communication protocols, facilitating in integrated management of users;
√ It can be equipped with FDM3 module, to realize remote warning and monitoring;
√ It accords with IEC60947-2 and GB14048.2 standards;
√ The circuit breaker has obtained the “CCC” mark.


Regular Service Conditions

The circuit breaker can operate at the ambient air temperature of -5℃~+40℃ (see circuit breaker derating factors in the sample when the temperature is higher than +40℃ to +60℃);
The elevation of installation sites cannot be more than 2,000m;
The relative air humidity of installation sites cannot be more than 50% at the highest temperature of +40℃; relatively high humidity such as 90% at 20℃ is available at relatively low temperature; please take special measures to remove condensation occasionally generated by temperature variation;
The pollution grade is III;
The installation category of the main circuit of the circuit breaker, a UVT coil and the primary coil of a power transformer is IV, while the installation category of the other auxiliary circuits and control circuits is III;
The circuit breaker is suitable for electromagnetic environment A;
Marine and damp and tropical type circuit breakers can resist to the influences of humid air, salt mist and mildew;
Marine circuit breaker can operate reliably during normal vibration of ships;
1E circuit breaker can resist to the environmental influence of nuclear industry;
The circuit breaker should be installed according to the installation requirements of the operating manual. The vertical gradient of the circuit breaker is not more than 5°, and the vertical gradient of the marine circuit breaker is not more than 22.5°;
The circuit breaker should be installed in places without explosion hazards, conducting dust, metal corrosion and insulation damages;
The circuit breaker should be installed in small cabinet chambers, and be equipped with door frames, with the protection level up to IP40.