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Innovative Culture
“Why is the water so clear in the dyke? For the fresh water comes from the springhead.” Innovation is the spirit of an enterprise, as well as unexhausted power of enterprise's production and operation. In the guideline of “Independent Innovation, Key Striding, Supporting Development, Future Leadership”, our company advances rapidly in science and technology, takes first chances and responds calmly in scientific and technical revolution to form the innovation capacity of crucial technologies, and plays an active role in the increasingly fierce international economic and technological competition to benefit the people with economic and social benefits generated from technical innovation.

Learning Culture
Popularize the life-long learning philosophy.
Help the staff to strive for five transformations: in philosophy, transform the philosophy of “one life depends on one diploma” into lifelong learning philosophy; in attitude, transform “make me learn” into “I want to learn”; in content, transform “single job skill training” into “improvement on learning capacity”; in organization, transform “individual self-learning” into “organized team learning”; in manner, transform “passive learning of supplementing what you lack” into “advanced inter-post knowledge learning and skill learning”, laying a good foundation for the realization of “learning as work, working as learning”.
Actively establish learning teams and groups.
Establishment standards: clear learning objective, good learning atmosphere, remarkable learning effect, optimized learning environment, striving to build first-class teams and groups with strong technology, high quality and powerful fighting capacity.

Responsibility Culture
“Changshu Switch” actively fulfills our social responsibilities, and consciously takes the responsibilities of enterprise citizens, putting it into practice and contributing to the society. The main performance: people orientation, actively create first-class benefits for the staff; integrity operation, actively create satisfied value for users; lawful taxpaying, actively create good benefits for the society; focus on environmental protection safety, strive to create green and safe normally-open switches; social return, actively devote love.