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Technology Research

By constructing an all-around scientific research platform, our company has formed a technical innovation system taking National Enterprise Technology Center and Jiangsu Electric Appliance Control Engineering Technology Center as main bodies.
The technology center includes three research institutions (Post-doctoral Scientific Research Workstation, Power Electronics Application Technology Institute established together with Tsinghua University, Electric Appliance Designing Laboratory), three development centers (Product Design and Development Center, Mold Design and Development Center, SMT Center) as well as one testing center.
The technology center has carried out mechanism dynamic kinetic analysis, research on magnetohydrodynamics of electric arcs, current sensor technologies, digital control software processing technologies, EMC key technologies, communication technologies, integration technologies and other cutting-edge technologies, as well as mold design research, welding technology research, surface treatment technology research, riveting technology research, SMT technology application, CT winding technology research, material application research and other processing technology application researches, and has become an R&D platform integrating basic theoretical research, new technology development, technological achievement industrialization and other functions, constantly improving the technical innovation capacity of the enterprise.